The Dominican Republic is the perfect spot for your family vacation. There's something for everyone to explore, discover and experience on the island. Miles of unspoiled nature fill the island, ready for you and your family to discover together.


On the North Coast you will enjoy Ocean World Adventure Park, the Columbus Water Park and go karts at Fun City Action Park. Be sure to explore the Amber Museum and Fort San Felipe and enjoy the adventure of cascading down the 27 waterfalls of Damajagua.


Further east, the Samaná Peninsula is known for its protected Humpback Whale sanctuary. Thousands of these gentle creatures return every winter to mate and breed in the serene waters. The beaches here are pristine and surrounded by hills of coconut palm forests.


Head further east from Samaná to experience the sophisticated Punta Cana region. Punta Cana/Bavaro is home to many of the country's many designer golf-courses. Known the world over for their beaches and sophisticated resorts, Punta Cana is filled with fun and relaxing activities. Manatí Park, Animal Adventure, zipline adventures, and Dolphin Island Park are some of the incredible Punta Cana attractions that you can share as a family.


Further south you can explore the historic capital city, Santo Domingo and visit the first city in the Americas, the Colonial City, founded in 1498. Santo Domingo has a lot of a activities for kids such as the Trampoline Museum, the Children's Library, the National Aquarium, the National Zoo, the National Botanical Gardens, the Mirador Sur (South) and Mirador Norte (North) Parks, and the Las Canquiñas Children's Park.


The Dominican Republic has over 70,000 hotel rooms with many featuring family- friendly activities and programs that are fun for the entire family. There are dance classes with live music, sports such as beach and pool volleyball, tennis and table tennis, biking, pool aerobics, yoga, stretching, tai-chi, snorkeling, boogie boards, kayaking, scuba diving classes, and horseback-riding. And for young children, there are kid's clubs that are both educational and fun. Bring your family to explore this amazing country and create memories that will a lifetime.

National Aquarium, Santo Domingo

The National Aquarium, where there is a wide range of Dominican marine life on display. You will also see the "Los Tres Ojos" (Three Eyes) park, with its four sulfur water lakes, three of which are within a great cavern, as part of this dynamic and fun excursion. Duration: 3 hours.

Animal Adventure Park, Punta Cana

Animal Adventure Park

Dolphin Island Park, Bávaro (Punta Cana)

Dolphin Island Park

Fun City Action Park, Puerto Plata

Fun City Action Park, specialized in go-karts.

The National Botanical Garden, Santo Domingo

The National Botanical Garden occupies an area of one square mile and was founded to study, preserve and investigate the varied plant life of Dominican Republic. Opened in 1976, the Botanical Garden is named after Dr. Rafael María Moscoso, the first Dominican botanist who wrote a catalog of the plants of the Spanish island in 1943.

It is a sanctuary where animals and plants live in perfect harmony, with roads and trails will lead you a personal encounter with nature. It highlights the permanent exhibitions of bromeliads, ferns, palms, orchids, aquatic plants and the Japanese garden. Open daily from 9am - 5pm. Tel 809-385-2611

Manatí Park

This delightful park is 81 square miles of tropical birds, reptiles, and professional shows featuring parrots and dancing horses.

Trampolín Children's Museum

Las Damas Street, Casa Rodrigo de Bastidas

Colonial City, Santo Domingo

Telephone: (809) 685-5551

Hours: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., from Tuesday to Friday

Saturday - Sunday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.


This is the only interactive museum in the country for children 4 through 12 years old. It has eight rooms with permanent exhibitions and offers guided tours.

Ocean World Adventure Park, Puerto Plata

Ocean World Adventure Park

Las Canquiñas Children's Park, Santo Domingo

Las Canquiñas Children's Park.

Mirador Norte (North) Park
 Mirador Norte (North) Park
Mirador del Sur Park (South Lookout Park)
A favorite for thousands of Dominicans is Mirador del Sur Park (South Lookout Park). This four miles of green space in the city is a great spot for friends to meet and go walking, running, bicycling and skating. The park is filled many species of trees and offers views of the Caribbean Sea that you can't find anywhere else.
National Zoo, Santo Domingo
 National Zoo.