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Cabarete's beach in the Dominican Republic is recognized worldwide "as the kiteboarding capital of the world." That's because Cabarete offers the perfect combination of beaches, winds and waves to create the best conditions for kiteboarding. The sport is growing faster than ever. Similar to surfing, kiteboarders use a huge kite to catch the wind while they balance on the board. You will find kiteboard rental shops and experienced instructors available in Cabarete, all along the area known as Kite Beach.


Windsurfers launch themselves into the water during their visits to the country during the Windsurfing World Cup, which is held on Cabarete Bay during the month of July. Most of the area's hotels have equipment available for rental.


However, Cabarete isn't the only beach for windsurfing. On the southern coast in Baní, Las Salinas and Bahía de las Calderas you will find outbound windsurfing sites. This area is popular with many Dominicans because of the strong winds, less congested beaches, and location closest to the capital.


Meanwhile, for surfing aficionados, there are 16 fantastic surfing sites located on the northern coast from Puerto Plata to Playa Grande and in Río San Juan, with classic or standard waves. The best season for surfing on the northern coast is from December to March, when waves reach up to 4 meters (about 13 feet).


"El Encuentro" is just 10 minutes away from Cabarete, and is a great spot to ride the waves. A little farther east of "El Encuentro" are "Coco Pipe" and "La Preciosa," which are also considered to be world-class surfing beaches. However, you shouldn't forget about Cabarete, a popular spot with surfers.


There are many surfing camps, lasting from one day to two weeks, on the northern coast. One of the best known is Cabarete's surfing club, also known as Ali's Surf Camp, which even offers apartments and cabins. There are also more than 20 surfing sites in the south from the coasts of La Romana in the southeast, up to the border with the republic of Haiti in the southwest.

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