The Samaná Peninsula is a the perfect place to explore incredible, hidden beaches.


- Cayo Levantado

- Las Galeras

- Las Terrenas and Popy Beach

- Playa Bonita

- Cosón Beach

- Playa Rincón

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Cayo Levantado

This small island is located in the very center of Samaná Bay. It has a beautiful beach, a small exclusive hotel and various facilities for visitors, especially those that arrive from cruise ships to Samaná.

Las Galeras

This is a quiet beach in the most north eastern point of the country. The highlight of this beautiful beach is the recreational diving aquarium built by the Japanese man, Kaio. Close-by are Madama beach and Frontón beach, which are both great for climbing.

Las Terrenas and Popy Beach

These are long and quiet white-sand beaches, although short in width. Along the beach you will find an immense variety of small hotels, exquisite restaurants, and very lively bars. It also has one of the most breathtaking sunsets on the island.

Playa Bonita [Beautiful Beach]

Playa Bonita more than lives up to its name. It consists of two sections. The western part has water as still as a swimming pool, and the eastern part in front of the hotels has much more active waters.

Cosón Beach

This beach is known for its surfing, bodyboarding and bodysurfing. In fact, many locals regard bodysurfing as the purest form of surf. Surfing with nothing between the surfer and the wave creates a much more intense experience, which you simply can't get any other way. While you're here, don't forget to try a the fresh grilled seafood of that is caught right on the beach.

Playa Rincón [Corner Beach]

This 1.2 mile beach-bay is is still undeveloped and can be reached from the road that goes from Samaná to Las Galeras. It has the peculiarity of being several beaches in one. One side of the beach has incredibly docile and calm waters, while the other side has intense waves that are perfect for bodysurfing. Although it is relatively untouched, it is still considered one of the best beaches in the world.