Student Visa


All the visa applicants are requested to provide all the supporting documents in "ENGLISH" and along with its "Spanish Translation"

No handwritten documents will be accepted. All documents should be typed

Passport Size photograph must be 2*2, with white background, without lenses and accessories

Residence and Business visa will be given in the country of origin of the applicant or where applicant will be legally residing.

  • Filled Visa Form  with one photograph 
  • Original passport valid for at least equal to or greater than the duration of the requested visa.
  • Proof of the University or the Center for Studies certifying the final acceptance to the University or Research Center. This instrument produced must specify the level of studies to be performed, the subsidiary or institution selected and the duration of the program.
  • Document certifying the scholarship (if applicable) or the institution's financial support will cover studies in the case studies are funded by an institution in their country of origin or a scholarship. This document must specify what amount of financial support or scholarship, as well as the duration for which it was intended. In both cases, this record must be written on letterhead and certified by the institution.
  • Medical Certificate presenting a diagnosis of general health status of the applicant and indicating if it suffers from some kind of contagious disease. Must be issued by the relevant health authorities of the last country in which the person was domiciled. In the event that you reside in the Dominican Republic, this certificate must be issued by medical laboratory, clinic or hospital registered by the Ministry of Public Health.
  • No Criminal Record Certificate issued by the appropriate authorities of the last country in which the person was domiciled. If the applicant has resided in the Dominican Republic that document must be issued by the Attorney General of the Republic. Not required for minors.
  • Authorization from parents or guardian, when it is a minor and who asked is not the father or mother. In this case, it is required that the parent that is not manifest in the Dominican Republic in accordance with the other parent to take to live in the Dominican Republic at the lowest.
  • Documents proving financial solvency (bank letter, job letter, property deeds, etc..). If any document is issued in the Dominican Republic, must be certified by a notary public and legalized by the Attorney General of the Republic.
  • Application letter addressed to the consular post by the person concerned or his representative, requesting a student visa, including the name and nationality.

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